When you realise the limitations of a Wix website


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You can generate enquiries? Same again, please!

Back in 2017 I built a website for the owners of London Fire Sprinklers, a North London based startup with big ambitions.  Within just 3 months of the site going live, they were already ranking 1st on Google for several of their most desirable search terms and these had led to some very relevant, high-value enquiries.

Impressed by the tangible results they’d been receiving, one of the owners had decided to mirror the approach for his general plumbing and heating business, Love Heating.

Love Heating already had a website, which had been built by the owner, using the Wix platform. It had everything you’d expect from a small business website – an overview of the services offered, a galleried portfolio, opening hours and a contact form so you could get in touch. It also had all of the common pitfalls you’d expect to find on a website built with Wix, by someone with limited knowledge of web design, UX and SEO (sorry)!

No focus pages

The aim was to try and start ranking for two separate services – bathroom fittings and boiler installations, however this content on their existing website, was all grouped together on one page. Mixing these two very separate services together on one page  makes it very confusing for users to clearly differentiate them, but also for Google to know what your pages are about. 

Once I knew that this was a goal, I created two separate pages to accommodate these service offerings.  These pages could then target very different keywords, and stand a far greater chance of ranking for them.

Thin content

Google likes serving their customers information from knowledgeable resources. If you’re a boiler installation expert, you should know a thing or two about the different boiler manufacturers, which are most efficient, which are cheapest to install etc. Essentially, all of the questions you’re regularly asked by your customers should appear on your website, answered in full. Users who are then at the early stages of their purchasing journey, i.e. the research phase, could then come across your website and bear you in mind when they’re ready to convert.

On the new Love Heating website for example, we included FAQs about bathroom installations with the aim of one day ranking for long tail search terms such as ‘how much does a new bathroom cost’?

Their new website  now has dedicated pages for their separate service offerings, content based on subjects their audience would be searching for and optimised metadata so Google understands what their pages are about. Three very simple but crucial signals Google looks for when determining how to rank it in the SERPs.  

Can you generate enquiries from a Wix website?

Despite Wix not working for this business. Yes, you can generate enquiries from Wix, but the important takeaway here is that you need to know what you’re doing.

As a small business owner with limited marketing knowledge, you could easily think that a good looking Wix website is enough on its own to start generating enquires for your business. It’s often months later that the realisation hits that the website isn’t converting.

If this sounds familiar, don’t let your experience with a self-built Wix website put you off. Invest in a good website set up, with someone who knows about SEO and UX, and you can open up a whole new world of customers who are looking for your products or services online!