Can’t find the right words to summarise your business?


Freelance copywriting

I love working with independent, small business owners who can’t quite find the right words to do their mighty business the justice it deserves.

Whether that’s for your entire website, a newly created service offering, or a one-off brochure, I’d love to get involved.

It’s all in the ‘tone of voice’

Your tone of voice should give your customers an insight into how you would speak to them if they were to pick up the phone, or pop into your store. For some businesses that means it needs to be super informal, quirky and fun! For others, it’s important to be formal, professional and informative. Even the punctuation you use has an important role to play here.

 Your tone of voice should be totally unique to you and should subtly demonstrate to your users why you are a brilliant business, worth choosing over your competitors!

Why’s copywriting important?

So often businesses invest in a new website, but by-pass a copywriter. More often than not, the website content doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the website design and, more importantly, the content is often written with no SEO in mind, meaning it’s unlikely to be found very easily by potential customers. This really does defeat the investment in the first place.

Copywriting is important because it’s often the very first impression your business makes on your customers, and if it’s done poorly, it can also be the last! If your keywords are well researched and mentioned within your content, you’ll also stand a far better chance of ranking in those desirable spots on Google’s first page.

Why should you choose me to write your website copy?

I really enjoy working with words and obsessing over the smallest of details, to create something spot on. I’m based in Brighton but I can work remotely with small businesses in need of great copy anywhere there is a need for carefully crafted English language.

It’s worth noting that my services will cost you a lot less than an agency, and quite often other freelancers too! By working with me you won’t be subsidising trendy offices and boozy Christmas parties. Just my (very reasonable) hourly, or daily fee! Or if you have a bigger project, like an entire website which needs rewording, I’m happy to quote a fixed-fee for the whole project (including all revisions) so you can budget accordingly and know exactly how much you’re going to pay.

Lastly, I like to work in a very collaborative way when crafting website content. You  know your business, products and customers far better than me, so to begin with I like to gather as much as possible, to establish how you’d like to be perceived and how your tone of voice should make people feel. Armed with all of this info, I’d create a paragraph or two for you to mull over. If it doesn’t wow you, I’ll keep reworking until you’re 100% happy with every word, with unlimited revisions. This can then be used as a base for the rest of the copy, which your customers will absolutely love to read.