We’d be good together!


We’d be good together!


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freelance marketing consultant?

“I approach every single project with a determination to exceed my client’s expectations.”

Where it all began

I graduated with a Business & Marketing Communications degree in 2012 and haven’t wanted to work in any other discipline since.

After graduating, I then worked in various digital roles, both agency-side and in-house at brilliant, Brighton-based companies. These roles generally involved co-ordinating campaigns from concept to execution, from email marketing campaigns to small databases in the earlier days and then prime-time Sky TV adverts in more recent years.

What led me to freelancing

I realised that there was a common thread throughout these roles which brought me most enjoyment – it was the kinds of clients I was working with and the type of help I was able to provide.

I also started to realise that the roles into which I was progressing were moving  further way from the hands-on implementation I most enjoyed. I was craving the ability to combine creativity with technical knowledge, crafting messages which resonate with an audience and logging into Google Analytics and seeing numbers which were there because of something I had done. 

I’m also a lover of small, independent businesses and working with those that have the ambition to create and nurture them. When I realised I could use my knowledge in digital marketing and website creation to make small businesses thrive, I really felt I was on to a winner… and that’s why I became a full-time freelancer in 2019 and how Created By Carla was born.

My knowledge + your business <3

The roles I’ve had in digital marketing have exposed me to brands of all sizes and span a diverse range of industries. Because of the backstage pass I had to these contrastingly different companies, I saw such an array of cultures, processes, tools and a real mixed bag of results!

More importantly, I started seeing patterns. Techniques which worked, and techniques which didn’t. Businesses which were forward-thinking, and businesses which weren’t. Good traits to have as a marketer, and bad traits to have as a marketer.

These lessons and this experience has shaped the way in which I work today. I like to work collaboratively, involving you in all stages of the project to ensure the solution being delivered works perfectly for your business. I approach every single project with a determination to exceed my client’s expectations.