You’ll be working with…

If you’re going to put your trust in someone to build your website, there’s a good chance you want to know a bit about them. You know, to check they’re not a member of the KKK, and they don’t practise old school blackhat SEO techniques!
Here you are, have a stalk…

Age: 29

Location: Brighton, UK. That’s my dog on the South Downs Way!

Favourite TV programme: Road Wars  / The Island with Bear Grylls

Education history: I studied ‘Business & Marketing Communications’ at Oxford Brookes University, from 2008-2012, graduating with a 2:1

Work background: I’ve worked within various Digital Marketing roles ever since graduating in 2012. Most recently, I was employed by a brilliant Digital agency in Brighton, as an Account Director, working with a wide range of stakeholders, from publishers to finance clients.

Favourite web design features: I’m a big fan of full-width websites and I like to use a striking font, whilst keeping everything else quite simple. Images can make such a big impact too, if used to demonstrate something.  I’m starting to get more into using gradients and experimenting with bold, parallax imagery too!

Website pet hates: Poor spelling or grammar, low-quality images, obviously stocky images, titles that are boring and uninventive, words for the sake of them, careless and unoptimised metadata. The list could go on…

Favourite font: A long time fav’ of mine is Lato, in thin. Which, naturally, is the font I’ve chosen to use on my own website! I also really like Abril Fatface, but it needs the right kind of brand to pull it off

Least favourite font: I’m not a fan of any fontface which isn’t naturtally easy to read. I think it’s super important to put usability over design in this scenario. As well as comic sans, of course!