If I had a penny for every time I was asked


How much does a website cost?

There are lots of factors I take into consideration when quoting a price for website builds. You can get a loose idea here.

Every website I create is 100% bespoke, with no templates in sight. Because of this, I’d recommend getting in touch if you’re after a quote tailored specifically to your requirements.

How long does it take to build a website?

If it’s a fairly simple portfolio website and you have the content already created, then this can be as quick as around 1-2 weeks from the point I get the brief. For e-commerce / shop websites I’d usually need 3-4 weeks, however this depends on how many products you have to sell.

If you have a specific deadline which is looming, I can work with some of my contacts to help speed up the process if needed.

Can my website include a shop (e-commerce)?

Yes, no problem. I can create an e-commerce website for you so that you can start taking online orders for your products or services in no time.

I use WooCommerce and can integrate PayPal & Stripe so that your customers can make payments easily and you can start generating revenue in no time.

I already have a website, but I want a new one. How does that work?

No biggie! When working with customers who already have a domain, I usually create the overall look and functionality of your new website on a very separate staging domain. Then, only once you’re 100% happy, I move it over to the domain you already have, provided you want to keep it.

Can I make updates to my website in future?

Definitely. I think it’s so important that you have full control and understanding of how to do this and it’s very much a part of the service I provide for my clients.

Once the site is finished I’ll show you how to log in and edit the parts you’d most like to keep fresh, whether that’s the images, website copy or colours for example. I’m happy to do a face-to-face run through, or a recorded screen-share- whichever works best for you!

Of course, if you are a self-confessed technophobe, I am also very happy to make any updates for you and can provide a fixed monthly retainer to allow for this. Or I can make one-off updates for you when needed – whatever is your preference.