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Every website is totally unique, so if you’re after a quote, please send me a brief overview of what you’re after and I’ll give you all the info you need. However, here are some frequently asked questions and answers…
How much does a website cost?
Of course, it completely varies depending on your requirements. I’ll work out the price based on the amount of time it takes to me to build, and this depends on the style you’re after, the images you want to use, the text you may want to include etc. To give you a rough idea though, a  simple website like will cost around £400. All of my websites are built from scratch, no templates here!
Can you 'do seo'?
Yes! With every website I build I find out what kind of keywords you hope to rank for on Google, research your best options and then optimise your metadata accordingly. In laymen’s terms, if you don’t want to appear on Google, use Wix. If you do, hire me!
Can you create me an email address which matches my domain?
Yes! For a small extra fee (around £50) I can create you a domain email address. I can set it up to forward on to your Gmail or Hotmail too if you wish.
How long does it take to build a website?
Again, it depends on what you’re after and how complex the build is. If it’s a fairly simple website, which doesn’t require too much research then this can be as quick as around 1-2 weeks from the point I get the brief. If you have a specific deadline, please let me know!
What if I already have a website?
No biggie! When working with customers who already have a domain, I usually create the overall look and functionality of your new website on a very separate subdomain. Then, only once you’re 1oo% happy, I move it over to the domain you already have, that is, if you want to keep the domain.
Can you write the content for me?
Yes, no problem! I love writing content. Whether you’re a plumber or a candlestick maker, I’ll happily learn the ropes and write about your business in whichever tone you wish!
Can my customers buy things through my site?
Yes. I can use an e-commerce plugin for your website which enables your customers to pay via all the popular payment gateways, e.g. PayPal, Stripe etc.