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Website Development

Website design & development

I know that it can be super daunting for small business owners who need a website but, quite understandably, don’t know where to start. There’s so much to consider – keywords, content, call to actions, page load speed, event tracking and so much more.

And top it all off, aren’t they really expensive?

The truth about crafting a website

Building a website isn’t super complex, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s very easy to end up with something which simply doesn’t serve it’s purpose.

There are lots of companies, such as Wix and Squarespace, who’ve simplified the process so much, that people with zero experience in any of the above can build a beautiful looking website in under an hour. But of course, these business owners are left frustrated when their website doesn’t generate any visitors, or convert any of them into customers. Many of my clients are therefore ex-Wix customers who say they’ve never had a single enquiry through their website.

So it’s not so much about the platform you choose to use – it’s about the knowledge that goes into the website build that will determine its success.

What I offer

I build completely bespoke websites on WordPress, with no templates in sight. I have a solid understanding of SEO and have a proven track record in improving visibility on Google. I also have a strong understanding of UX and general marketing automation, making me a great partner for a small business, start-up or one-man band who is looking for an all-rounder.

Every website I build has both SEO and user experience at the forefront of the design and navigation, to give your website the very best chance of being found on Google and, of course, driving you genuine enquiries.

Why a brilliant website is worth your investment

Of course, a completely bespoke website, which is built by a professional, will cost you more than a DIY one from Wix, or Squarespace.

But, if you’re serious about your online shop window and you want results, a website can be such a lucrative investment. What you invest at the beginning will long be recovered by the enquiries you receive once you’re ranking on Google and your customers can navigate your site with ease. 

Web development costs

Every website I build is unique and every set up is completely different, so costs really do vary. Some of my clients have a website already, so we’ll need to consider which content can be carried over, and what pages will require redirects. Some are starting from scratch and are wanting some insight on their competitors first. But there are some things which are cleaner cut, so I’ve detailed those here to give you a loose idea.

Firstly, all websites require hosting. This can cost as little as £3 with a company like Siteground and up to £30 a month with a more premium host provider such as Kinsta. These are the two I recommend most, depending on how big the site is and how many visitors it’s likely to receive. Monthly hosting is paid directly to the hosting company, not to me.

The website build itself then starts from around £500 for something super simple – perhaps a one-page website, much like an online business card. A much larger 15 page website which requires keyword research, copywriting and Google Analytics event tracking is often more in the region of £2,500. E-commerce websites generally require a lot more work and can vary from £1,000  for just a couple of products, up to around £5,000 if you have up to 50 products and multiple categories. It really does depend on what you have already, what you’re trying to achieve and ultimately how long it’ll take to deliver. 

Asides from the hosting, these are one-off fees I charge for both the website design and build and the website is, of course, 100% yours to use and edit as you wish. I always do a lesson or two at the end so you’re well equipped on how to use your new website and make edits to images and text. I certainly don’t believe in building something that only I know how to use!

I like to be totally transparent when it comes to pricing so hopefully that gives you a rough idea of what to expect. Ultimately, I work mostly with small businesses, meaning I’m very familiar with tight budgets (and lots of questions)! I pride myself on being very flexible and personable, so whatever your budget is, I’d love to hear about what you’re trying to achieve. If I’m the woman for the job I’ll happily provide you with a transparent quote and, if not, I’ll happily give you some useful advice and point you in the direction of some great alternatives!

Lovely words from lovely clients

Sydney Forster

“Carla was fantastic from beginning to end. She was professional and approachable. She fully understood the brief, asked all the right questions and produced the most wonderful website and logo. It was exactly what I wanted. I am proud to send people to my website and would 100% recommend her to anyone after a design or re-brand! Thank you Carla!”

Marketing Manager @ Benfield Legal

James Burton

“It’s easy to find a digital consultant who can build you a website, but not as easy to find a long term partner who can add genuine value to your business! Highly recommended.”

Founder @ Sussex Garden Rooms

Suzannah Perkins

“Carla produced two perfect websites for me. I’m almost computer illiterate, so thankfully she took control of the whole thing with minimal input from myself, whilst still giving me the freedom to change things creatively as and when I saw fit. She’s also been spot on with SEO! Not only that but as an added bonus she’s also a really lovely person too!”

Owner @ Auzanne