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Paid Media Advertising

Paid Media Services

Once you’re confident in your website, paid media campaigns are a great way of getting it in front of your target audience. There are lots of options here, and which you should go for is dependent on the level of awareness for your business, your budget and the type of product or service you sell (to name just a few).

Here’s a breakdown of the 4 key paid services I offer: Search ads, display ads, shopping ads & social ads.

Google Search Ads

Google search ads are a fantastic way of getting the relevant pages of your website in front of your audience at the exact time they’re actively searching for it on Google.

Let’s say you’re an architect serving the whole of Sussex, when someone is searching Google for ‘architect services Hove’, you want to be one of the first websites they see. Google search ads do just this, with a bidding system for the privilege of appearing in those top spots.

Because this audience of people know what they’re looking for and are already searching for solutions, a high percentage generally go on to enquire, making this form of advertising extremely attractive for businesses wanting an immediate return on their investment.

Google search ads are great for:

  • Businesses wanting expand their service offering in new towns
  • Services or products with a relatively high price point and high profit margins. If you offer hand car washing for example, but you’re paying between £1 and £3 for every click on your website, you’ll quickly burn through budget, without the margins to cover the advertising expenses

Google Display Ads

Google display ads are very different to Google search ads. Rather than waiting for a user to search Google for something which relates to your business before showing them a text ad, we can use a nicely designed graphic which puts the message in front of them when they’re browsing the internet, and are otherwise unaware of what you have to offer.

We can also set up a remarketing display campaign, which is slightly different. Remarketing ads show to users who have already been to your website, to try and tempt them to come back and finish where they left off.

Google Display ads are great for:

  • New brands who need to build brand awareness
  • Products which are fantastic but no one knows they need it in their lives
  • Products or services which are very visual
  • A restaurant that’s just opened in a town and wants to spread the word
  • Products or services which have a lengthy average purchase

Google Shopping Ads

If you sell individual products, Google shopping ads could be the way to go. They offer users a quick overview of each product, with an image, the price and name of the merchant. These will appear alongside other similar products, so I’d recommend Google shopping ads for brands with a high level of brand awareness.

Social Ads

Paid social media ads are a great way to raise awareness of your brand, generally very inexpensively. You could put a beautiful explainer video in front of your target audience who are browsing Facebook, for example, or your could run ads on YouTube.

Social ads are great for:

  • Visual products or services
  • Products or services which are easiest to explain through video
  • B2C products
  • Brands with a strong social presence 

If you’d like to discuss the best paid media approach for your business, please get in touch.