What’s he looking at?

Clue: It’s not your website.

I was inspired to get into web design after having so many conversations with small business owners who would say “We’d love a website, but wouldn’t know where to start'” or “We couldn’t afford a website – they’re expensive!”

For over 5 years I have worked for a media company, within a digital marketing role. It’s given me great insight as to how hard it must be for small businesses to try and get their head around giving their business an online presence.  The 2 most common routes are to go to a website design agency, who, we all know, have a license to print money! Alternatively, you could create your own, using a site like Wix, that is, if you don’t want to stand a chance of appearing on Google!

Over my 5 years working in the digital marketing space, I’ve learned an incredible amount about tools and techniques businesses can use to engage with their customers, most notably website design, copywriting and SEO. I’m not like the expensive agencies. I understand that every business has a budget. I’m flexible and I’m personable. I’ll also create you something better than Wix 🙂

I use WordPress to build my customers the website of their dreams. It’s a great platform to use and now powers over 27% of the websites on the internet!

When you realise the limitations of a Wix website…

Back in 2017 I built a shiny new website for Simon Love, to promote his shiny new Fire Sprinkler business. I’ve since been asked to work on his general plumbing and heating website, after realising how many more enquiries he could be getting with a well-built website…

“Carla produced an amazing website in a relatively short space of time.  Despite the website being live for just a few months, I am already ranked 2nd on Google! Carla was entirely flexible when it came to design changes and was always available on the phone to discuss amendment requests. I can’t recommend Carla enough for both website design and SEO!”