Hi! I’m Carla

A freelance web designer,
based in Sussex

I was the kind of slightly annoying kid that you would see at a car boot sale confidently luring passers-by to check out the junk I was selling, like I was a seasoned cockney market trader. This determination set the tone for my following jobs in later life too, hopefully minus the annoying bit.

I studied Business & Marketing Communications at university, and haven’t wanted to work in any other discipline since.

I enjoy combining creativity with technical knowledge. Crafting a message which resonates. Logging into Google Analytics and seeing numbers which are there because of something I’ve done. And that’s why, instead of trading in Nintendo games at car boot sales, I now trade my digital marketing expertise with sole traders, startups and SMEs to deliver tangible results, in the form of enquiries and sales for their business!

Website Design and Development

Whether you have an existing website already, or you’d like a new website built from scratch, get in touch with the details of your project.

I’d love to help!

Search Engine

Invest in the correct optimisation of your website for search engines and the enquiries will start coming in.

Whilst there are no ‘quick wins’, there’s certainly lots you can do to get ahead of your competition.

Latest posts…

New website

I quickly learned that the world of freelancing can lead you into some really diverse sectors, and granny annexes are no exception. Even though I knew nothing about this industry to begin with, as always, I really enjoyed learning the ropes on behalf of Anexo, to create an entirely new brand which would help to shape the success of this business from its very first day.

New website

‘Can you help me get more leads from my current website?’ is a common question I’m asked in my day job as a freelancer. And whenever I’m asked this question, I almost always know that the site will have been created by Wix. Find out why Sussex Garden Rooms have made the decision to move away, and the results they’ve seen since.

New website

Cremilde is a self-confessed technophobe. She had, until very recently, generated all her business via promoted Facebook posts. Now, Cremilde is receiving up to 5 new bookings each week, directly through her new website.

This is an example of a very simple build, low price-tag and ongoing results to prove it’s value…