First page of Google success for new fire sprinkler business


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New business, new website

After the tragic fire that swept the entire Grenfell Tower block back in June 2017, two business owners decided it was the right time for them them launch a service they’d been training for- supplying and installing fire sprinkler systems throughout London.

Both were pretty familiar with the world of digital marketing and had previously created websites themselves using Wix. The new London Fire Sprinklers business, however, was a startup, which of course meant no domain, no logo, no content and, of course, a big requirement to attract customers.

It was a wise decision registering the domain and focussing on their website first, for the following reasons:

  • It takes a good few weeks, and sometimes months, for to Google to crawl and index your website and for you to subsequently start ranking for relative search terms
  • You can start building your online reputation through reviews, testimonials and  case studies
  • You can build upon the style and content on the website over time. A great website should be ever-evolving with your business

I started gathering information about their services and competitors with a presence online already. I also asked the business owners to send over a few links to websites they liked the look of, and to say why. This gives me such a strong indication of what my customers like and don’t like and what kind of website they’re picturing in their mind. 

Becoming a fire sprinkler expert

To understand the fire sprinkler industry, I started firstly by doing some simple Google searches. I looked at the competitors London Fire Sprinklers would be up against, and also at the kinds of questions people were asking about fire sprinklers on Quora. If you type a question about your subject matter into Google and then scroll down to the bottom of the SERPs on page 1, you can also get a good idea of related questions, which are a great place to look for content ideas for an FAQs page.

Once I had a good overview of the industry and, most importantly, what info people would expect on a website about fire sprinklers, I started to write the content for the website.

I often find that the best way to turn this into unique content is to digest the info you find when reading several very different sources – official Government advice, articles from family-run sprinkler companies and of course your competitors, then writing it onto a new word document without looking at the original sources at all. This ensures that the information is not regurgitated and is written in your companies tone of voice. Who knew there was so much to learn about fire sprinklers!

Early success

On the very same day that the new London Fire Sprinklers website was set live, they received a phone call from a London-based business who were after more information about their sprinkler systems, after finding their website online. Simon, one of the owners, was a little bemused as to how they’d found his phone number so quickly after signing off the website and joked with me some hours later that he wasn’t yet ready for incoming enquiries!

This is a really good example of a small business within a niche market, which has plenty of scope for Google visibility when powered by a well-designed website. Getting online early has enabled this small business to drive new customers to their door and for their startup to grow.