The scary world
of SEO

Don’t play hide and seek with your customers!

There’s no SEO ‘quick win’ I’m afraid. Ranking well for your keywords takes time, focus and knowledge. When your customers are searching for your services online, of course you want to be found, and it’s for that reason that SEO is a very worthy monthly investment.

What is SEO?

SEO is a service offered by marketing professionals, to give your website the best possible chance of being displayed when a user is searching online for your service or product. 

When a new website is created, bearing in mind there are millions of new websites going live every single day, Google doesn’t automatically know what industry it’s in, they don’t know whether users find the website useful and they certainly don’t yet know if it’s worth displaying in the prized top positions. 

I, therefore, liken SEO to the process of getting someone who is extremely busy to both know and like you, and that person is Google.

So, what’s actually involved?

Google, quite simply, want to provide their customers with a fantastic experience, so they don’t go elsewhere to another search engine. So when you search for ‘Thai restaurants in Brighton‘ they want to show you an impressively long list of all the thai restaurants in Brighton with great websites, they’ll show you reviews, opening times, quick links to their galleries and social media and you’ll know what every single page is about, to save you wasting precious clicks and time. Of course, as you go down the list to the fourth, fifth, sixth page of Google, you’ll get some pretty shabby websites, generally homemade, which look awful on an iPhone, have no menus to get you excited and no reviews. Naturally, you’ll avoid those websites and go back to book yourself in at one of the ‘better’ restaurants you saw at the top of page 1, right?

There’s some technical understanding and ability related to all of the websites that you see in those top positions – their sites will be easily crawlable, their metadata will be well-written and targeted and their Google business listing will link to their safe and secure website (to name just a few!)

There are lots of ‘ranking factors’ which affect where your website will be shown on Google – here’s a pretty comprehensive list I refer to regularly.


How long before I’m at number 1?

It’s not the answer business owners want to hear, but it’s impossible to say how, where and when you’ll start ranking. There are so many moving parts – what your competitors are doing, what Google are favoring at that moment in time and how users are interacting with your website every day. 

It’s important to remember three things:


  1. SEO isn’t about ‘quick wins’
  2. SEO is about giving your users the best possible experience
  3. SEO is relatively technical – leave it to an expert

Glowing at number 1

London Fire Sprinklers starting ranking in the top spots for many of their target keywords very quickly after their new site went live.

Read all about their journey here.