A website overhaul for an office interior business in Sussex

by Nov 27, 2017New website

The client

Davidson-Interiors is a small, family-run business based in Worthing, in the South East.

When Ben, the owner, originally got in touch, he was just wanting a few minor updates to the site he already had. He sent me over the WordPress login details and informed me that the website had been built by a web design agency, who had turned out to be pretty unhelpful in his quest for advice and minor amendments. He was never fully satisfied with the job they’d done. Not to mention that he’d never had a single enquiry from the website in well over 2 years.

The diagnosis

After just a few minutes of clicking around, it was obvious why…

  • The meta-data was the same for every single page
  • There were 5 broken links
  • There were spelling mistakes (eek – pet hate)
  • Links within the text weren’t underlined or obviously clickable
  • The site wasn’t optimised for all screen sizes and (particularly on iPad) there was text that couldn’t be read

The solution

After talking through all of the solutions to these problems, Ben decided he wanted to completely re-do the website. Just 3 weeks later, Davidson-Interiors now have a much more informative site, which looks modern and clean, has all of the appropriately optimised meta-data and a far more user-friendly design.

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