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May 20, 2019 | New website

I’ve just finished a new website build, for a really nice client I recently started working with – a Sussex-based storage and removals company, All The Right Moves.

The brief.

This particular client came to me as a referral from a mutual Brighton connection. They already had a domain, a logo and a lot of pre-written copy. This needed to be turned into a fully-developed website, with an appropriate site structure, metadata and, as always, an aesthetically pleasing design. As is often the case for a project like this, the brief for the website was that, above all, it needed to be an effective lead-generating machine for a local audience.

Initial research.

I started out with some keyword research, determining how much appetite there was for storage and removals in the various towns covered by All The Right Moves.

I then looked at their competitors after doing some simple Google searches. I was glad to see that many of those sweeping up the top organic positions in Google, had websites which we could certainly improve upon. Many of the sites, for example, had no SSL certificate, and the phone numbers weren’t correctly set up as hyperlinks. These two super simple things mean that users visiting these websites would be greeted with a ‘not secure’ warning message, and if that didn’t put them off and they still wanted to make a phone call, they’d then have to write the number down and dial it outside of the website, as it wouldn’t be clickable directly from their phone.

Once I’d done the keyword and competitor research, I then mapped out the best site structure for the domain.

Making removals sexy.

I can’t pretend that the world of storage, house clearances and commercial business moves, is particularly sexy. Designing a website in an industry such as this can be challenging – there isn’t a wealth of imagery to choose from and there’s no beautiful products to showcase.

Knowing that All The Right Moves would be covering a lot of beautiful towns around Sussex and the South coast, I decided instead to use iconic, and easily recognisable images of these towns, but to overlay each with the same green colour from the logo. This would mean that a location page, like this one for Brighton, (which we would hope to rank highly for a search query such as ‘Brighton Removals’) would be instantly recognisable and relevant to its audience. It also meant that imagery wasn’t the number one focus of the page and instead, users could quickly and easily find out the information they were after, and enquire if necessary.

Outside of the images, which feature within the header section of each page, the rest of the site benefits from a simplistic and uncluttered design, with prominent calls to action and a sticky navigation bar, making movement from page to page as easy as possible.

Once the website was built.

The actual design and development of this site was only the very first step. As a brand new business, my next task was to link the website to Google Analytics and start tracking key events. I did this via Google Tag Manager, and now, anytime someone sends an enquiry through the contact from, requests an online quote, or clicks to phone the business directly, these can all be seen in Google Analytics. My client has full access to Google Analytics so they too can see exactly how the site is performing and the data will include every single interaction from day one.

There are a million and one articles online which explain the importance of measurement within the world of digital, so I won’t preach the same message. But, to give you an example, I can now see which pages of the website are driving the most enquiries and exactly where each user came from. As you can imagine, optimising a website further down the line without insight like this would be near impossible.

I also submitted a sitemap to Google Search Console, and have since imported this data into Google Analytics, which now gives us keyword level data too. This is vital data for any ongoing PPC or SEO strategy.

Ad-hoc, but super important.

When building a website, there are so many things that need ticking off the list before it can be be indexed and go live. Many of them don’t fall into a particular category – they are all part and parcel of creating a high performing, secure, fast and easy to use website.

This includes, but of course is not limited to:

  • Installing an SSL certificate
  • Creating a domain associated email address
  • Creating a Google Business listing
  • Linking between pages, where relevant
  • Compressing images
  • Enabling caching to improve page load speed
  • Checking the site is responsive across a wide range of devices of varying sizes (Screenfly is my favourite tool in the world for this)
  • Designing a favicon

Final SEO checks.

After doing all of the above, I referred back to an SEO article I read earlier in the year about the most important ranking factors in 2019, and cross-referenced these with the current set up of All The Right Moves.

For reference, these ranking factors are:

  • A Secure and Accessible Website
  • Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Domain Age, URL, and Authority
  • Optimised Content
  • Technical SEO
  • User Experience (RankBrain)
  • Links
  • Social Signals
  • Real Business Information

It’s evident that site is in a really strong position and the areas that need further work are a direct result of being a brand new domain, with no authority, yet.

Ongoing investment.

My client, having run a very successful business before, which benefited heavily from impressive SERPs, knows only too well that ongoing investment into the website and optimisation for Google, can have an incredible impact on a growing business in need of attracting customers online. I’ll therefore be working with All The Right Moves to further enhance the authority of their domain on an ongoing basis. Once the site is getting regular visitors, I will also be analysing the data and updating the site where necessary to constantly enhance the user experience.

It’s great to work with clients who have a good understanding of digital presence and who appreciate that a good website can drive customers to your door. But even better, this particular client appreciates that a high performing site doesn’t happen by chance – it requires regular tweaks and enhancements and is certainly worth ongoing investment.

If you’re in need removals or storage in Sussex, look no further than these guys. And of course, if you’re in need of a great website, get in touch with me 🙂


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