A charming new website for a Brighton-based beautician


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Simple request

Cremilde offers a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle in her cosy salon in central Brighton. Many visit The Beauty Room Brighton for a relaxing massage, a (not so relaxing) wax, or some fluffy new lashes!

Until April ‘19, those in need of a pamper found The Beauty Room either via the Facebook page, or through word of mouth. There was no other online presence, making the ability to attract new customers, online at least, very hard.

Cremilde’s requests were therefore very simple – a website which would showcase what she offers and which can be found easily online. She also requested that users could buy gift vouchers for their loved ones and navigate easily to her salon via Google Maps.

A bigger opportunity

This kind of leap into the world of digital marketing can make a big difference to a small and independent business like The Beauty Room. Despite the unavoidable impact the internet has had on everyone’s lives, there are still so many small businesses who don’t have any form on online presence. Some who still rely on leaflets, flyers and word of mouth. Of course, this does work to some extent, and it was working fine for The Beauty Room. But there’s so much that can be gained as a small business, by investing a little in Digital Marketing.

Using The Beauty Room as an example, not only are there 590 searches for ‘nails brighton’ through Google every single month, there also aren’t many beauticians in Brighton who have invested in a website. Especially one which is responsive, has an SSL certificate, or who offer the ability to buy gift vouchers online.

This means that those customers are there for the taking, and, once you’ve got a website which meets that criteria, you then have a competitive edge and are likely to start gaining some of those online customers. In turn, you can continue to provide the best service possible and gain those all important Google reviews.  Your business really is then going from strength to strength.